Knowledge Making Difference


1978 Lars-Ingvar Larsson starts the company „HB Modellsnickaren“
1983 The company relocates to a newly built factory and changes name to “Unnaryds Modellsnickeri AB“. We are still in this location, but the original production area has been extended 7 times.
1988 The first CNC-machine is installed. This is the start of a technology shift where the traditional model maker is replaced by machine operators and milling machines.
1991 The first engineer is hired as design engineer. We are able to do all engineering in- house.
2004 Company name is changed to “Unnaryd Modell AB“ in order to clarify the direction; model production by using CNC machines.
2006 Machining department is started to meet customer requirements on lead time and quality on finished prototypes.
2009 Own prototype foundry “UMAB Casting AB“ is founded in a new plant on Hyltevägen in Unnaryd. From this point we are a single source supplier of cast products in aluminium.
2011 Generation change: Lars-Ingvar is retired and the sons Daniel, Martin und Stefan take over the business
2013 UMAB Casting is merged into Unnaryd Modell.
2015 A new production line in the foundry is installed and we start casting iron.

Future  Most things are yet to be done…