Cast prototypes

One of the core competences at Unnaryd Modell is to deliver verified prototypes in cast aluminium or iron. We are often involved from an early stage of the product development process and we have capacity in all necessary production areas; engineering, model making, casting and machining. This enables us to control quality, lead time as well as continuous improvements during production. We have resources and know-how to handle very complex geometries and provide such parts to the automotive industry today.

Milled products

When a new product is produced for the first time, milling is often the most efficient method. At Unnaryd Modell we have 16 CNC-machines in different sizes which help us fulfilling our customers’ needs. It can be milling single engine components, interior parts, full scale exterior models of passenger cars or production tools for foundries. The experience we have gathered through the years has made us skilled at solving technical challenges – we are up for the challenge!


Our extensive capacity within castings and machining enables us to handle production parts. We meet our customers’ demands for high quality and short lead time for parts in low annual volume production. Typical projects can be special vehicles, industrial or marine applications, pre-series or spare part production. Normal annual quantities for us is 20-100 pieces but depending on complexity and geometry we are often competitive up to 500 pieces per year.

Unnaryd Modell