With our extensive capacity in casting and machining we can handle production parts. We meet the customer demands for high quality and short lead times for parts in low annual demand. Key segments are special vehicles, industrial or marine applications, pre-series production or spare parts.

Our normal batch size is 20-100 pieces per year, but depending on complexity and geometry we can in many cases be cost efficient up to 500 pieces per year.

Production is normally based on an existing 3D model provided by the customer. Sometimes we have produced the prototypes for the part and can use the prototype tooling for a quicker start of production. Our engineers produce documents for the production model and we plan the quality assurance. We cast the parts in chosen aluminium or iron alloy and machine the castings in our 5-axis CNC-machines.

We know how important it is keeping the right quality. Independent of if the product shall be evaluated in a lab environment or if it shall be used in the field, all parameters must be accurate. Our quality and environmental management system is therefore certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 We work with PPAP and document our quality assurance thoroughly. It can, for example, be alloy verification, measurement protocols, 3D scanning of geometries, leakage testing and washing to meet cleanliness requirements.

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