Unnaryd Modell

Unnaryd Modell is a family business founded as a model maker in 1978, from the start focus has been on demanding projects with focus on the automotive industry. Throughout the years the production has evolved and the model manufacturing has for example been supplemented by a prototype foundry and a machining department. The ambition to always have the latest technology combined with skilled employees has made us leading in our market segment. Many of our customers are the same since 1978. We see that as proof of our performance.

Business Concept

Unnaryd Modell is Sweden’s leading prototype manufacturer with high technical know-how and quick decision making. We are a complete supplier of prototypes and low volume production parts with focus on the automotive industry as well as demanding applications in the manufacturing industry.


Europe’s leading prototype manufacturer.

Mission – Knowledge Making Difference
We are a knowledge based company with a drive to produce, finding smart technical solutions and to develop ourselves and our processes. We share our knowledge and experience in order to assist our customers with their challenges. With long term focus we strive to be our customers’ first choice supplier.

Quality and Environment

Systematic work to improve quality and environment is central at Unnaryd Modell. The target since the start is to provide highest quality – products we are proud of. As our founder Lars-Ingvar expressed it: “It is better to have customers coming back than products”. To assure that we live up to our high goals our quality management system is certified according to ISO9001 since 1998 and our environmental management system is certified according to ISO14001 since 2004.


Some of our customers: ABB, GKN Driveline, Gnotec Mefa, Haldex, Husqvarna, Opel [DE], Scania, Smålands Stålgjuteri, Trelleborg, VCE, Volvo Buss, Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo GTT.

Unnaryd Modell